The Ramon y Cajal Institute for Health Research (IRYCIS) is an institution that includes researchers from University Hospital Ramon y Cajal, and selected groups from three universities; Alcala de Henares, Complutense, and the Autonomous University of Madrid. The IRYCIS’ mission is to become an international center of reference for biomedical research. Our investigational aim is to find out new pathways for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, providing new tools for unmet medical needs and above all improving the quality of life of the patients. This aim is only possible with a strong translational character, quality and continuous improvement at clinical and research level.

IRYCIS objectives are, among others:
• Innovation: turning the discoveries and inventions of our research into practical applications to improve health care, diagnosis, treatment and health of the population.
• Internationalization of our R&D activities, in order to acquire the international dimension that managing human health requires; we establish both public and private international alliances and promote the participation in networks and international calls, such as Horizon 2020.
• Encourage curiosity, the ability of health professionals to raise questions and question everything already established, seeking the best for patients and society, and give them the support needed to find answers.
• Provide us with a professional structure of research management that allows us to face and overcome new and existing challenges, potential and future.

IRYCIS consists of a total of 24 consolidated research groups that focus their activities on five major areas (Neurosciences; Microbiology, Immunology and Infection; Chronic Diseases and Cancer; Epidemiology and Health Technology; Cardiometabolism and Systems Pathology), as well as many other independent researchers from the clinical area. All this critical mass generates about 600 publications per year and over 110 clinical trials. The knowledge generated by all this activity has resulted in more than 40 innovation projects, and 19 patent applications.

The IRYCIS Innovation Unit (IU) is in charge of managing the innovation projects and transferring them to industry, in order to turn it into new products and services to improve the quality of care and life for patients. Besides, the IU aims to be a gateway to investors who want to participate in our projects properly oriented to achieve profitability in the medium term.

Finally the IU promotes within the IRYCIS, an open innovation model, contributing with our know-how in basic and clinical research in developing new products with multidisciplinary teams from around the world.
Innovation Unit falls within the IRYCIS Office of R + D + i, consisting of several professional research and innovation managers with “bio” profiles (medicine, biology and biochemistry) capable of addressing ideas and projects both form the basic and the clinical perspective. Moreover, IRYCIS belongs to ITEMAS, a network created by Carlos III Health Institute in 2010 to promote biomedical innovation in hospitals of the national healthcare system and impulse technology transfer.